You’re at my Pineapple Path, the winding path of my journey, lined by the bright pineapple moments of my life, the moments that shine among the others. I am so grateful for your presence on this path and I encourage you to be inspired and refreshed as you read. I invite you to find your _____ Path lined by ______ moments, for they shall be celebrated.

Navigating through my Pineapple Path:

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I’m simply here to draw closer to the creator through creation.

Creations of others:

Here you will find the sermons BUMC’s very own Vern Collins

Here you will find words of ESUMC’s awesome pastors

Here you will find sermons that will help you thrive from Raleigh’s Church On Morgan

Music of the spirit

Music of your inner trucker

Music of a sunny day

Music of the lush mind

I am so grateful to have visitors and readers from the U.S., Thailand, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Ireland, China, Philippines, Canada, Colombia, Kenya, UK, Germany, Bangladesh, Finland, Spain, Austria, Peru, Netherlands, New Zealand, Argentina and Australia …  So thankful for worldwide support. Peace and Blessings




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